Welcome to Echoes of a Snow Leopard!!!!!

As we walk through life most are unaware of what we cannot see
but mind you they see you and pay attention to all you do.
Dare you to follow them into their world???

Hopefully by bringing the plight of these animals in the world
It will make you more aware of what you still have around you.
Don't take it foregranted that things will stay the same, they don't!!!
We must be advocates for those with NO voice,
If we don't NO ONE will and they will be lost forever.
It's not just those in the wild, but our own beloved pets.
Just a few Quick Facts:

The Panther/Puma/Mountain Lion
Is Endangered
Because of Mankind Who wants nothing but them DEAD

Panther(Florida)ESA listed less than 80
declined and hunted/habitat loss

Puma(ESA listed)
less than 1500
declined and hunted/habitat loss

Do you really know what
goes on and happens to them in other parts of the world????
Read up on it and pay attention
Do you want to see someone
wearing your beloved pet around their neck?

Please take the time to DO something,
it only takes ONE to start
the ball rolling and we need that ball rolling or
there will be no WILD left in the wildlife or woods

The organization links will take you to Animal Organizations
That promote helping animals
and defending their welfare.
So please take a look and
if you find one you like please join and help the
animals in their plight

Please take the dove and send her on her way around the world
to continue her flight
in the name of the plight of the animals who cannot speak
for themselves yet continue to die at the hands of humans.

"At the edge of the sea the waves keep a certain cadence with my spirit"

mary anna radmacher

A Lakota Prayer

Great Spirit, you are everything
And yet above everything
You are first and always have been
Through you our children will have strong hearts
And they will walk the straight path in a sacred manner
Help me to walk the sacred path of life
Without difficulty
With my mind and heart continually fixed on you!

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