Welcome to Echoes of a Snow Leopard!!!!!

As we walk through life most are unaware of what we cannot see
but mind you they see you and pay attention to all you do.
Dare you to follow them into their world???

Step carefully, if you dare, but follow and learn their ways.
Maybe then you will come to understand them, instead of being afraid.

Can you see her coming at you? She can see you, for she knows you.
She knows who you are.
She is wary of you, more than you are of her.
She will never trust you, for you have killed her kind before.

This is an endangered species
Not because of where they live
But because of being pushed out of their habitat
And at times they were hunted
There is now a push now
To try to save them
I will not bring you alot of bling
I will give you some sparkle,
but I will bring you the truth
The truth of what is real in the real world
not in the internet world that is the world
we MUST face and deal with

**Learn more about them **

The snow leopard is an animal in peril that
may not be around much longer
We must try to save them
if we can or they will become extinct
in our lifetime
Their beauty is far to much to lose
it would be better if we could
find a way to save these beautiful animals.
So let's deal with it.
Reality awaits you, are you willing to let this
Snow Leopard guide you on your way?

Then Enter in and follow the paw prints
of this Snow Leopard as she leads you.

**Enter Echoes of a Snow Leopard!!! **

Facts About Snow Leopards
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